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Historical Documents

The following is a list of links to scanned documents and other artifacts from the history of the NWRU. These links are organized by decade. (Note: although the NWRU did not officially form until 1987, some earlier documents are also included.)

Report on Women and Poverty Plank of Houston National Women's Conference (1978)

General NWRU Documents
1) First annual conference of the NWRU, 1988
    Minutes of first annual conference, June 1988
    Convention report, Sept. 1988
    Presentation on NWRU history by Annie Smart
    Presentation by Ethel Long-Scott

2) National Survival Summit, July 1989
    Principles of unity and workshop resolutions
     Announcements and outreach
     Brochure with agenda
     Draft of agenda
     Internal correspondence
     List of thank-you notes
     Media coverage
     Planning meeting notes

3) Up and Out of Poverty Now! (more materials in 1990's)
     Bill of Rights to End Poverty
      Newsletter, Summer 1989
     Packet of informationMassachusetts Up and Out of Poverty Now!, ca. 1988
     Self-help educational materials project proposal, 1989
     Cartoons by Women, Work and Welfare, Minneapolis 
           jpeg version of cartoons

4)  Various documents, 1983-89
     Note from Guida West to Marian Kramer, 1983
     Statement from founding meeting of NWRU, 1987     
     NWRU action alert, Aug. 1987
     President's report to board, 1987
     Board meeting agenda, 1988
     NWRU platform, 1988
     Telegram to DC organization on welfare reform, 1988
     Funding request to Faith Evans, 1988
     Administrative letter, 1989
     NWRU brochure, no date
     NWRU Statement of Purpose, no date
Anti-Workfare Struggle

1) National Coalition Against Workfare (NCAW)
     a) First meeting--Detroit, Sept. 1983
         Flyer announcing meeting
           Flyer with map for meeting
           Monitor Newsletter on plans for meeting
           Resolutions from conference
           People's Tribune article on meeting, Oct. 1983

      b) Second meeting--Chicago, Dec. 1983
         Planning for conference--March 83
         Planning for conference--Sept.-Oct. 83
         Planning for conference--Oct. 83
         Brochure for conference
           Flyer advertising conference
           Invitation and partial schedule
           Conference agenda
           Flyer for march during conference
      c) Workhorse, newsletter of the NCAW (May/June 1984)
2) National Network Against Workfare (NNAW)
    a) General documents
        Report on formation of NNAW     
        People's Tribune on the birth of the NNAW
          Minutes of Steering Committee (July 1984)

     b) Copies of NNAW publication, The Abolitionist II
         The Abolitionist II  May 1984
         The Abolitionist II  July 1984
         The Abolitionist II  Aug. 1984
3) Michigan Network Against Workfare
          Call for meeting, Feb. 1984
          Grant proposal, April 1984
          Call for state meeting, Aug. 1984
          Template for letter to state government (no date)
4) Other Materials
     Anti-workfare brochure, Georgia, 1982
     People's Tribune on work and welfare, 1983
     People's Tribune on workfare, 1983
     Anti-workfare packet, Ohio, 1984
     National Welfare Rights Reporter (publication of NWRRU), 1988
     Survival News review of Guida West's book, 1989
     Outline of battle plan to fight workfare (source and date unknown)

Affiliated Organizations/Activities

1) National Union of the Homeless
    Brief History of the National Union of the Homeless
    National Convention of the Homeless,1989
         Agenda and resolutions
          Op-ed in Washington Post

2) National Anti-Hunger Coalition
    Brochure (no date)
    Program for 1986 conference (partial)

General NWRU Documents 

1)  Up and Out of Poverty Now!
     Newsletter, Aug. 1992
     Article with brief history of Up and Out of Poverty Now!
     Street Heat magazine
          Street Heat, Oct.-Nov. 1992, pp. 1-24
          Street Heat, Oct.-Nov. 1992, pp. 25-32
          Street Heat, Nov.-Dec. 1994, pp. 1-19
          Street Heat, Nov.-Dec. 1994, pp. 20-32
          Fundraising letter
     DC area Up and Out of Poverty Now! 
          Summit, 1990  
     Georgia Up and Out of Poverty Now!  
            People's Tribune articles on Southern Survival Summit, Sept. 1990
          Flyer for Marian Kramer speech, Jan. 1993
     Illinois Up and Out of Poverty Now!
          Brochure for Survival Summit, 1990
     Michigan Up and Out of Poverty Now!
          Statement and materials, 1992
          Packet of materials, 1992
          News article on tent city, Feb. 1992
          Statement, April 1992
          Announcement of annual meeting, Dec. 1992
          Press release, July 1994
          Draft of flyer for UAW (no date)
    Minnesota Up and Out of Poverty Now!
            St. Paul statement, approx. 1992

2) Second National Survival Summit, Aug. 1992
     Notes on workshops
     Resolutions (version 1)
     List of resolutions (version 2)
    Media guidelines
    Press releases
           Additional press release (version 1)
         Additional press release (version 2)
     Award to Cora Lee Johnson
     Additional materials
          List of delegates to Continental Front of Community Organizations
            New York Times series on welfare, July 1992

4)  Various documents
     Funding requests, 1990
     NOW on welfare reform, 1992
     Voices from the Front, partial, 1992-3
     Marian Kramer gets award from IPS, 1993
     Welfare reform conference materials, partial, 1994
        Remarks on the National Welfare Rights Union by Marian Kramer, 1994
     Marian Kramer on true welfare reform, approx. 1994
     Brochure for second NWRU convention, Houston 1995
     Editorial in Washington Post, Feb. 12, 1995
     Invitation for New Orleans meeting, 1996
     Flyer for Marian Kramer speaking in Boston, 1996
     Op-ed on welfare Rights, NOW Times, 1996

Affiliated Organizations/Activities

1) Kansas City Union of the Homeless
    Empowered People News, June 1992     
    Empowered People News, July 1992

2) Annie Smart Institute
    Flyer, March 1993


NWRU brochure, approx. 2002



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